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I have had an accident. I am ok but my car is not. I am having a sale on my etsy site to help pay for the expenses. Please reblog this link to my tumblr explaining everything.…
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
I will be tabling at Crystal Mountain Pony Con on Aug. 8-9 in Salt Lake City, Utah. I will be selling Parasprite Lights, Cutie Mark Soaps, Pinkie Pie Cake Soaps and Pony Parasprites. This will be my second time selling at this con and third time at a con in Utah. Salt Lake has some of the nicest, most enthusiastic fans around. Thank you for making my trips successful and I look forward to this time as well.
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Check out my storenvy site.…
I'm having an after Everfree NW sale on all My Little Pony products. Free shipping for U.S. customers and $5 off shipping for international customers. Also RED parasprite lights are on sale. Regular price $15, on sale for $12 plus free U.S. shipping.
Had a great time at Everfree NW in Seattle. Saw old friends, met lots of new friends and had a great time all around. The artist alley is very well run and the staff is top notch. I highly recommend going if you have the opportunity. I know I will be back next year.
Great news! I am sharing a table at Fanime. Maps haven't been made yet. I will try and post my location here when it becomes available. I will be making bags, Navi lights, and Soot Sprite plushes. If anybody is going to the con and has a request for product please submit it by May 7. I will try and make it.

Crystal Mountain Pony Con, Utah - date may move but I will definitely have a table there. Lots of pony stuff. Bags, Parasprite lights, Pony Parasprite plush, Cutie Mark soaps, Discord plush.

Everfree North West, Seattle - have a table. Will be having more soap/spa stuff, bags, plush, etc.

SacAnime Winter, Sacramento - have a table. AOT bags, Skyrim bags, Movie/Game soaps, Navi lights, various plush.

My store is open:
I have submitted more pony items and will be adding more product every few days.
I have posted my Attack on Titan Scout bag. I will be posting the other divisions soon. I have also opened a storenvy site that can be found here…. If anyone is interested in purchasing the bags.
Future Cons I am definitely tabling at are:
Kraken-con April 6
Babs-con April 18-20
Also working on Navi Fairy Jar Lights. I will post pics as soon as I have them.
Here we go with the holidays. Making some pony inspired Parasprite ornaments.
Planning for 2014 conventions. Sakura-Kahn as I am now calling it is out. Gone in 38 seconds. Gonna take some friend's advice and get a dealer's booth next year.
I'm confirmed for the following conventions:
winter SacAnime
Animation on Display - SF
Conventions I'm trying to get into:
Sac Comic-con
Crystal Mountain Pony Con - Utah
Fanime - San Jose
Everfree - Seattle
Updates will follow.
Happy Holidays.
I am super excited to announced I have launched an Indiegogo campaign to assist in my journey to Brony-con in Baltimore, MD. Please click on this link to see the campaign:
Help me bring my pony related products to the East coast.
If you can't donate you still can help by posting my link on your social media sites or emailing your friends.
A great big Thank You to all for your help and support.
My next con is Equestria LA at the Anaheim Marriot. I will have pony inspired parasprites, messenger bags, pillows and soaps. I will also have a few jewelry boxes inspired by the show. Super excited!
Hope to see you there.
Yeah! I got into to Crystal Mountain Pony Con. It starts on April 5th and goes til April 6th. Located in Salt Lake City, UT at the Red Lion Hotel Downtown. I will have bags, parasprite plushies, soaps, and scarves.
Stop by my table and say, "hi".

I have listed many of my items on my etsy account. Click the link below to see.…
I have hopes and dreams like most people. Mine are very simple. I want to make cool stuff that people want to buy. I have an etsy account and list some of my items there. But my main means of selling is at conventions. The following is a short list of cons I would like to attend.

Crystal Mountain Pony Con - April 5 and 6.
I have submitted my application for a vendors table but have yet to hear from them. I have sent an email asking for an eta but have yet to hear back.

Equestria LA - May 10 - 12
Artist Alley registration has yet to open and no date of when it is opening has been announced. I keep hearing soon.

Fanime - May 24 - 27
Artist Alley registration has yet to open and no date of when it is opening has been announced. I keep hearing soon.

I will post here if I do get into any of these cons. If any staff of these conventions is reading this, please, Please, PLEASE, open your AA reg. or let applicants know if they have gotten in or not. I understand most cons are understaffed, I was at Las Pegasus Unicon, but to avoid the aura of that con communicate with us. Update your website, twitter, facebook, etc. Give us something. PLEASE.
Hello all.
I will be attending Anime LA January 4 - 6. I will be premiering my Pony Pokeballs there. If anybody has any requests of which pony I should make into a pokeball please leave a comment.
Stop by and see me. I will be sitting next to Irene Flores and friends.
I will be at AnimeIcon in Monterey on Nov. 30. It will be at the Monterey Hyatt Regency. Please stop by and say, "Hi". I will have mostly crocheted items, with a few bags.

I have also reopened my page. I have posted mainly bags but if you see something you like on my deviantart page feel free to drop me a note and I will let you know how much the item is.
Happy Holidays!
I will be at SNAFU-con in Reno on Sept. 28-30. Stop by my table, say "hi", see my new stuff. I will be premiering some new items of known beloved anime/game characters. Anticipating fan girls "squeeeees" and fan boys "DUDE" 's.
(She peeks her head out from under a pile of yarn snips, fabric scraps, thread leavings and indeterminate fluff pieces)
Hello all,
I can finally reveal my deep dark secret.
I....I have been crafting for a convention. Yes, shocking I know. But alas I cannot help myself.
It's Kuroneko con in Spokane, WA. August 4-5.
Shout out for a superbly awesomely cute mascot. Yes, it's a cat. Yes, ima crazy cat lady.
Anyway I'm expanding my crafty influence to the Pacific Northwest. So watch out Sasquatch, I'm commin' fur u!
My your grease be at peace & your chicken taken a lickin'.
I am now accepting commissions for Messenger Bags.
These bags will measure 16 inches wide by 13 inches tall. Perfect for a laptop. Made with durable canvas outside and cotton fabric inside, 5 foot adjustable nylon strap. Includes small inner pocket, 9 in. x 6 in. and large outer pocket 12 in. x 8 in.
Bags with simple designs, ie; Twilight Sparkle bag. Will be $40.
Bags with more intricate designs, ie; Companion Cube bag. Will be $50.
No charge for shipping within the USA.
Message me with your symbol or character idea and we will work together to make a customized bag with the colors of your choosing. Characters I have done: Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinky Pie, Rainbow Dash, Big Mac, Dr. Whooves, Derpy, Princess Luna, Earth Nation, Fire Nation, Air Nation, Water Nation, and Mass Effect N7.
Payments can be made through Paypal or
Message me with any questions.
Fanime was a blast. Met awesome people, saw my friends, made some new ones. Looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone.
Biggest trip this year. I will be at Anime Central outside of Chicago, April 27 - 29. Super excited for the cross country trip. Lots of work ahead of me but looking forward to it.
Yea, KyozaFox and I will be going to Anime Conji in San Diego on Mar. 16 -18. I will be revealing my Pony/Brony line of scarves and bags. Stop by and say Hi.
Thank you to everybody who stopped by my table. SacAnime was a blast. I will be posting some new creations from commissions here soon. I met some great artists and saw awesome costumes. I will be posting my next con soon.
I will be attending SacAnime Jan. 13 -15 at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento. Stop by my table and say hi. I will have many of my creations I have posted here for sale. Look forward to seeing everybody.